Farewell Zen Mind Sword

I tried to access ZenMindSword's blog this morning and noticed that it had been deleted. I wasn't entirely sure what happened until I started reading some related posts from Kat. Farewell, ZenMindSword, it was nice having another taiji blog buddy out there in the blogosphere.

After checking bloglines this morning, the services appears to have cached his last entry. I will repost for posterity:

Wake Me Up When June Comes by zenmindswor

I learned something valuable from Kat. Sometimes we can’t see who we are.

Anyway, blogging is fun but I think I will divert my energy to
finally writing the book on Ngok Gar Kuen before I forget everything.

I’ll be doing a backup of everything on this blog. Who knows, might
turn some of this material into a book at a future time. Come tomorrow,
I will be deleting this blog.

[edit: ZenMindSword has decided not to wait until June and has introduced his new blog titled: Ritual Cat ]


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