Everyday Knee Strains

I think it’s rather strange that my knees are sore pretty much ALL the time, regardless of what activity I am doing! In fact, even sitting in an office type chair, my knees feel rather tender, sort of warm and tingly. In light of this, I have decided to think about the possible ‘everyday strains’ on the knee.

At night, when I sleep, I used to sleep with one leg crossed over the other. I then began to notice this resulting in a slight strain in the knees, shifting them a bit sideways.  So, I changed my sleeping position to just legs straight, however I am beginning to notice a potential strain on my ankle as the blanket can push down my foot. I could either pull up the blanket so it doesn’t put too much weight on my foot or I could sleep on my side (not preferable, though may try).

I commute roughly 2 hours round-trip 5 days a week. I noticed that sometime my left foot is placed very close to the seat, resulting in a slight strain on the top of the knees due to the knee being over the toe.  I have been trying to put my foot on the provided foot rest as that seems to reduce the strain a bit.

When sitting at my office chair at work, I have noticed that if I begin to tense up, I will often have both of my feet really close to the base of my chair. Again, this puts some unnecessary strain on the knees.  If I am too relaxed, I my cross my ankles, putting some strain on the knee.  My solution has been to try and do some active sitting where I do not use the chair backrest and I sit on the forward 1/3 of my seat cushion. Not only does this provide some exercise for the back, but it also forces me to look a bit more at my posture (strain in shoulders, placement of feet, relaxed kua, etc).

I would like to provide a little shout out to ZenMindSword for providing a bit of thought on my knee issue.  I think in regards to zhan zhuang, I still try to root downward in my training. I will have to continually remind myself NOT to do this.  I must have slipped back into old patterns …


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4 Responses to Everyday Knee Strains

  1. Steven says:

    All knee pains orginate in hip dysfunction. Pain is simply a signal to change, but don’t change your knees, change your hips, move your hips around and around. Loosen up.

    There’s a funny bit: compress musculature does not exhibit pain, rather, it causes other or counter-balancing muscultures to stretch. The stretched bits may exhibit pain.

    I hope that helps, though you’ve probably heard some of this before.

  2. Rick Matz says:

    Over the past few years, and especially over the last one, I’ve found that when I do a lot of physical stuff, like working in the yard all day, my knees ache bigtime. Interestingly, even though I don’t want to practice the taiji form (because my knees hurt), I’ve found that when I do, they feel better. They’re back to normal.

    I attribute the pain in my knees to simply getting older. I’m nearly 51.

  3. Jess says:

    It may be worth seeing a podiatrist/biomechanical consultant.

    Collapsed arches, tight ankles, poor walking habits can all cause knee pain.

    If your knees hurt all the time, something is wrong. Don’t ignore the pain. Your body is telling you something.

    Have you tried constructive rest? With your legs resting on a sofa? Doing less may be more beneficial than doing more.

  4. wujimon says:

    Hey Jess. I have thought about seeing a specialist but I just blamed it to having bad knees. But as I get older, I think it’s much more important to take care of my body, so I may. Though I have to admit, I am not the most compliant when seeking medical attention.

    Regarding constructive rest, I would have to say that’s been the name of the game for quite some time now.. 😉

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