Tranquility of the Son

Lately, I have been doing my zhan zhuang in my son’s room after he falls asleep. Both my wife and I have commented how our son’s presence can calm us… when he’s asleep 😉  So, instead of doing zhan zhuang in my office or bedroom, I have shifted my location to my son’s bedroom.

Just entering into my son’s room I am hit with a wave of tranquility. There’s a little night light in the corner that creates little shadows off his play toys. The curtains are slightly open so I can see a dimly lit park across the street under a clear starry sky.  The sound of my son’s breath is steady, flowing, natural.  The pheromones of my son’s sweat seeping into my nostrils as I take a slow, deep breath. The mind does not wander, there are no distractions, I am in the present.


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