Chen Xiao Xing Workshop 2012

Chen Xiao Xing Workshop – Chicago May 2012: Silk Reeling Exercises and Xinjia Yilu.

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The Flower and Root of Taiji

Managing Injury, Improving Fundamental Movement and Building Strength Through Tai Chi:

… A lot of people come to learn Tai Chi obsessed with learning the form. The form is like the flower of the plant. If you want to give someone something that looks good, give them the flower, but the flower soon dies. If you want to give them skill, teach them the root. The root is the ugliest part of the plant, but that’s the wellspring from which flowers come from all the time.

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Kettlebells, Taiji and Fitness

Check out my interview on Tai Chi Nomad discussing kettlebells and taiji!

Major kudos to Dave of Formosa Fitness for planting the kettlebell seed many moons ago ;). Also, read about Dave’s journey from martial arts to fitness.

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Practical Method Progress Stages

Practical Method Progress Stages

… Stay the course. This means continue to focus on the same movements, principles and ways of practice, no matter what. This is the time everything is boring. This is the time you will deviate (come up with your own versions of understanding and create new styles)

I can see a lot of connections with my own taiji journey. Stay the course …

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Don’t Move

Watching the video above of Master Chen Zhonghua providing form correction on White Crane Spreads its Wings (Bai He Liang Chi) brings back many memories of the workshop I attended.  Often times, you would hear Master Chen tell someone to do something, but then tell them “Don’t move”. It’s like a verbal and physical paradox, yet when viewed from a different perspective, it’s clear what Master Chen is stating. When he says, “Don’t move”, it literally means, “Don’t move”. 😉

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Cultivate a Calm Mind

"One of the reasons I study martial arts is to help cultivate a calm mind. I think it's far more likely that a calm mind will help me deal with the random events that pop up during the day than fighting ability. .."

Lenten Challenge Update | Cook Ding's Kitchen
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Workshop – Chen Xiao Xing – Chicago 2011


What:  Chen Xiaoxing workshop
Where:  University of Chicago (rooms tbd)
When:  April 8-10th, 2011
april 8th (6pm-9pm) – Silk-reeling exercise instruction/correction
april 9-10th (9am-5pm) – Xin Jia Yi Lu instruction

Everyone is welcome to come and learn the Chen Taiji Xin Jia Yi Lu.  The Xin jia Yi Lu (New Frame, First Form) is a very rich form that will add a great deal to your understanding of Lao Jia Yi Lu and knowledge of Taijiquan in general.

Below is a clip of Chen Xiao Xing demonstrating the Xin Jia Yi Lu:


For registration and other information, see: Chenjiagou Taijiquan USA, Chicago.

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