2010 Oddball Interview Questions

3. “What is the philosophy of Martial Arts?” – Asked at Aflac

I kid you not! I wish I would’ve gotten that interview question!
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Chen Xiaowang Seminar 2004: Journal Notes

Chen Xiaowang Seminar 2004: Journal Notes #20 =>

I remember Master Chen's corrections to my posture resulted in a different, more open or "one-ness" kind of connected feeling and a heavier-ness feeling in my legs. I learned that "bad posture" can also mean being too contracted, 'chi not flowing', not connected and not sunk enough

A great post by Mike covering the "three movement principle", learning sequence and languages of teaching as taught by Chen Xiaowang. Interestingly enough, I also attended a Chen Xiaowang workshop in 2004.  Not the same one as Mike, but one focusing specifically on silk reeling. See the following post to check out my own feedback: Pizza from Chen Xiao Wang

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Relaxation and Tension in Tai Chi

After one practices Tai Chi Chuan for some time, with intention and qi participation in each movement, this brute force or natural power is slowly transformed into jin power.

— Vincent Chu, Relaxation and Tension in Tai Chi, Tai Chi Magazine Winter 2010, Vol 34 No 4

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10 Questions with Chen Zhonghua

10 Questions with Chen Zhonghua | Combative Corner =>

Read the interview to find out what Master Chen likes to do for fun when not teaching 😉
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Where Martial Arts Meets Fitness

Where Martial Arts Meets Fitness =>

Skill, breathing and mobility … all good for martial artists. I especially like the last video where Dave shows some mobility warm-up exercises. Amazed at the number of exercises you can do with a wooden pole 😉 
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Wujifa Kua Development Methods

The Kua – More Methods For Developing The Inguinal Crease | Wujifa =>

… There is a saying about how deep the rabbit hole goes and I will say the depth is discovered by those willing to keep an open mind, explore, and do the work. 


I agree with Rick of Wujifa that while the exercise may appear simple, the body/mind awareness required to perform the correct movement is difficult to perform. However, after viewing and reading some wujifa material; or better yet, visit the Wujifa School of Cultivation and Practice for a private consultation, there may be enough sign posts along the away to point you in the right direction. Just make sure the direction of the destination is defined 😉
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The Practice of Tai Chi and Zen

… The funny thing is, though, I could not have done this on a psychological level alone. Without the physical practice, there are no psychological changes. For me, anyway. I have found no shortcuts…

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