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Early Foundations of Jibengong – Mike Martello

I got pointed to the following video of the late Mike Martello discussing the role of Jibengong (foundation training) in the role of martial arts. Below is a bit of information Mike wrote about the video: … The combined IMA/CMA … Continue reading

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The Little Guy and Wushu

Over the past weekend, I took the little guy to observe a local contemporary wushu class. However, after expressing my interest for my son to take wushu lessons, the instructor said we might as well start today. So, the little … Continue reading

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Mind Training for Martial Artists Series

I have been following a great series on the Urban Samurai blog, here’s a little snippet: I believe that training the mind is just as important as training the body, for were the mind goes the body follows, something many … Continue reading

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The Show and The Training

I did roughly 14 yrs of external martial arts before training in taiji.  This consisted of many years of Traditional Tae Kwon Do and Contemporary Wushu.  Was the instruction I received in these external martial arts beneficial to my practice … Continue reading

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Real Gold Does Not Fear the Fire

  Over the weekend, I received my copy of Real Gold Does Not Fear the Fire: the Teachings of Grandmaster Wai-lun Choi by Ray Hayward. So far, this is a great book and one I would highly recommend to any … Continue reading

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