Workshop – Chen Xiao Xing – Chicago 2011


What:  Chen Xiaoxing workshop
Where:  University of Chicago (rooms tbd)
When:  April 8-10th, 2011
april 8th (6pm-9pm) – Silk-reeling exercise instruction/correction
april 9-10th (9am-5pm) – Xin Jia Yi Lu instruction

Everyone is welcome to come and learn the Chen Taiji Xin Jia Yi Lu.  The Xin jia Yi Lu (New Frame, First Form) is a very rich form that will add a great deal to your understanding of Lao Jia Yi Lu and knowledge of Taijiquan in general.

Below is a clip of Chen Xiao Xing demonstrating the Xin Jia Yi Lu:


For registration and other information, see: Chenjiagou Taijiquan USA, Chicago.


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