Wujifa Kua Development Methods

The Kua – More Methods For Developing The Inguinal Crease | Wujifa =>

… There is a saying about how deep the rabbit hole goes and I will say the depth is discovered by those willing to keep an open mind, explore, and do the work. 


I agree with Rick of Wujifa that while the exercise may appear simple, the body/mind awareness required to perform the correct movement is difficult to perform. However, after viewing and reading some wujifa material; or better yet, visit the Wujifa School of Cultivation and Practice for a private consultation, there may be enough sign posts along the away to point you in the right direction. Just make sure the direction of the destination is defined 😉

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One Response to Wujifa Kua Development Methods

  1. Rick says:

    I like the elegant way you put it and I totally agree that it is a fundamental key to making functional progress when you said “Just make sure the direction of the destination is defined”…

    Over the years I have noticed the ambiguities in how people define words like Qi for example and in the ambiguity losing track of the goal… As they say in Wujifa “ease isn’t always easy” …it’s really comes down to doing and validate the real world work.

    Thanks again for the clarity of your words… They are often an inspiration to me… I’m not the best writer just trying to share what I can… Thanks again.

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