More on Sore Knees

In a comment to Chen Practical Method on Sore Knees, Rick of Wujifa outlines three basic components that can cause knee pains:

  1. Knees bowed out which the I.T. Band on the outside of the can be contracted and shortened which will contribute to mis-alignment
  2. Tight muscles on the inside of the leg contribute to bowing the legs in
  3. Twists and counter twists of the up and lower leg bones and these can be cause by tight muscles in the back down to the ankle

Rick notes that #3 above is the most common. I’ve noticed many instances in which there may be counter twists in my upper and lower leg bones, not just in taiji/standing practice but in everyday motion. Example, while sitting at my desk, I have a tendency to stretch out my legs and cross my feet at the ankles. I notice this adds a little strain to my left knee and creates a twist/counter-twist in my right leg. Solution: Uncross legs and place feet flat on the ground. The "tipping point": Notice when this type of thing happens.

Additionally, some light stretching can play a major role in loosening the tension. Check out Knee Mystery Solved | Get Fit Slowly for some stretching exercises.


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