Do X or Y?

Question: Is it better to do X or do Y?
Answer: Well, that depends on your goal. What is your goal?

This is something I come back to time and time again. I think I’ve answered the question, I feel I’ve answered the question, yet I know I haven’t really answered the question.

Previously on the blog, I attempted to answer the question about my goals in training. Here’s a snippet:

… What are my high level goals in practicing taiji? First and foremost, it’s to nurture my body after many years of wushu wear and tear. In addition, I enjoy the meditative aspects of the art. I don’t train in taiji to be a bada$$ martial artists, I don’t train to fight, I train to learn about myself and who I am. I train in taiji because it makes me a better person.

So, is it better to do X or do Y? 😉


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4 Responses to Do X or Y?

  1. Rick says:

    There are a number if cool aspects to training and a number of by-products. In Wujifa understanding connections is a high level goal. This can mean making and breaking connection too. When one has an intention and starts to notice pattern and how they notice and what may work and what doesn’t… Then add on noticing new ways to notice and how these work or don’t work and compare all these processes… There is a neat by-product of developing more way to learn and notice… Not just in martial arts but in many areas if life. For example if someone is a visual learner and the start to notice kinesthetic processes and develop those inputs for learning… Well how cool is that… The aim or goal and the by-products discovered can be very different and also very cool to discover… One of the best ways is to ask questions and step back and discover new stuff that shows up in the proccesses that have been practiced over time.

  2. wujimon says:

    Rick, thanks for taking the time to elaborate a bit on connections (making/breaking). The answer is all around us, we just have to notice/listen/hear/fill-in-the-blank. 😉

  3. I love the thought process, because I think that even loftier goals are even more awesome. Take for example: abstract freedom, dreaming better, and an ability to empathize instantly and with great insight into others’ difficulties. I want those!

    Naturally, health and fitness emerge from our practice of internal arts, but the way they emerge, and the way loftier goals emerge, I think, is because we’re fighting…(I bet you’re a bada$$ already).

    Fighting against ignorance, fighting for health, fighting to break habits of any kind, and fighting to nurture compassionate responses to a – if not physically, often emotionally or economically 😉 – violent world.

    My thought then, after this micro-brainstorm, though it’s probably not quite linear… perhaps we get to Y from X?

  4. wujimon says:

    Great thoughts, Steve! I especially like the notion that martial training may not be necessarily physical. Come for the win, or not at all 😉

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