Chen Practical Method on Sore Knees

… I was interested in stretching because my knees had begun hurting in the second week of full time training. I had already asked Master Chen about that. He hadn’t been surprised.

“It is because of your kua and your feet,” he had said. “Never plant your foot.”

He had pointed to a tripod in the corner and said, “Taiji is about relationships. None of the feet are planted to the floor, but the tripod is very stable.”

— Source: Sore Knees | Chen Practical Method – Chen Zhonghua


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2 Responses to Chen Practical Method on Sore Knees

  1. Rick Taracks says:

    Besides basic common sense issues such as weakness or injuries… The subtle knee pain issues have three basic component which cause pain. One is the knees bowed out which the I.T. Band on the outside of the can be contracted and shortened which will contribute to mis alignment. Tight muscles on the inside of the leg contribute to bowing the legs in. The third that is very common is twists and counter twists of the up and lower leg bones and these can be cause by tight muscles in the back down to the ankle. People have a habit of muscle holding that they might not even be aware of and changing a pattern of hold can take time to change and re-pattern. This can be done by getting good input and corrections and then working on noticing and adjust on one’s own while doing basic movement and standing practices. The problem is in not getting good corrections often enough and lack of awareness when one practices on their own.

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