Traditional Sun Style Taiji

“The power of your structure is much stronger than the power of your muscles alone.  And that’s the kind of power we’re looking for in taijiquan practice.” — Tim Cartmell | Traditional Sun Style Taichiquan DVD via Three Harmonies Blog

Below is a link to the preview video:


Lots of good stuff on the video in regards to structural alignment and power generation. One thing that caught my attention was the following statement:

4:05 – 4:12: I don’t shove out of my back leg, I rebound out of my front leg.

The idea of rebounding energy out of the front leg is interesting to me and can be the most direct and quickest path to the ground.  I’ve heard this concept brought up in the Chen Practical Method as well as in my discussions on wujifa. Interesting …


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2 Responses to Traditional Sun Style Taiji

  1. Shang Lee says:

    Yes. I normally do feel a stronger weight at the front leg. As though the back leg is just used to redirect the force but the storage is from the front. My understanding in this area is still limited though because my back kua is still not relaxed enough to do this.

  2. wujimon says:

    hmm… your comments makes me think about the role and function of the kua. That is, the ability to control BOTH the horizontal and vertical openings of the kua. Seems like the rebounding of energy in the front leg could be related to the vertical open/close of the front kua. Perhaps not, just thinking out loud.

    Good insight and thoughts, Shang.

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