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… Since that time I became a student of Master Stephen Hwa.  I always remember him saying that if I could not travel to where he is, I could study the DVD and we “could get together from time to time”.  Not only did I not have to go to him, he came and visited me.  He arranged for a place for us to meet inside as well.  I have subsequently visited him in Rochester many times over the years.  He has subsequently visited me many times over the years .. 

Hang in There, DVDs can provide Rigorous Training | Classical Tai Chi Blog

 Personally, I use and highly recommend Master Chen Zhonghua's Detailed Instruction DVD – Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.  You can now purchase online access to the video and optionally request a DVD too!

Since I don't have close access to formal instruction, I've relied heavily on the DVD for learning gross choreography and movement.  When applicable, I will attend a workshop with Master Chen and/or seek instruction from one of his local students, time permitting.  As I mostly train solo, the test of solitude creeps in from time to time.

No video can replace the transmission of touch from a qualified teacher!

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