I Want To “Be” Like That Guy

Review: I Want to Look Like That Guy – The documentary chronicles the journey of a guy named Stu, who has tried every diet and exercise fad out there and still can't "look like that guy" in the fitness commercials.  Is the fitness industry deluding us in thinking we can look like the folks in the commercial by just doing X?

Does the same hold true for martial arts and taiji? We see all these feats that taiji masters are able to do, but are we able to "be" that guy [the taiji masters] with the information presented to us? Are we able to achieve the same feats or is it all a delusional marketing ploy?

Stu was able to achieve results within 6 months, but it required a LOT of hard work and dedication on his part. What if we look back and reflect on our own taiji training? In the last 6 months of training, have we gotten anywhere?  Are we putting in the correct amount of work and dedication to achieve our goals?  Has our skill level increased in the last 6 months? How are we measuring/tracking results?


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