The 100 Squats Challenge

Below is the Formosa Fitness Challenge: 100 Squats:

So here’s the challenge: do 100 squats with your butt touching a basketball or medicine ball. Can you do it?

Many people have trouble squatting properly because they don’t move from the hips. Sitting BACK into the hips takes the pressure off of the knee and allows for a deeper squat, giving better fitness results.

Many people claim that squats hurt their knees but not going low enough actually contributes to that problem. If you don’t squat with the hip BELOW the knee (an actual parallel squat) the hamstrings don’t fire, meaning the squat will only work the quads. You end up with a muscle imbalance from doing the exercise improperly


While I didn’t count the exact number of squats in the video, I’m pretty sure Dave did a 100. Dave is a former taiji blogger (formosa neijia) turn personal fitness coach.  As such, he has quite a bit of insight into biomechanics and movement. I’ve gotten a lot of great tips from Dave over the years and would highly recommend everyone check out his website, Formosa Fitness, and blog!

For more on the challenge and discussions on imbalances between the quads and hamstrings, read the full article on the Formosa Fitness Challenge: 100 Squats.


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