Taiji While Watching TV

Last night, I did:
– Chen Practical Method positive and negative circles
– First 13 movements of Chen Practical Method Yilu x3
– Chen Practical Method Zhan Zhuang Stance Training
– Leg Stretches on the ground
– Zhan Zhuang stance training

All while watching the 2 hour episode special of 24 on TV.  While it’s not ideal to split my attention, I try to fit in training whenever I can. Last week, I was doing kettlebell swings and push ups during commercials.  For me, taiji is something that is a part of my life, not my life. As such, training has to find a place in my life.

Currently, I only watch 2 TV epidsoes: 24 and V.  This is roughly 2 hours per week of TV watching.  Not bad compared to the national average of 19 hours per week based on a study in 2005.


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