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Dr Tai Chi IS A NUT and I like it! As I was playing the video below for my wife, she asked me what I would do if I saw him. I instantly replied, “JOIN HIM” 🙂

I have been known to do weird martial arts related activities in public. One time while waiting to get into the museum, I stuck my leg out on the base of a pillar and began stretching. Another time while visiting Rick @ wujifa, he showed me some qinna (chin na) counters movements outside of a coffee shop.  Back in my college days during an internship, I joined the group of taiji players for a bit of lunch time practice. As they were working on their forms in a public court yard downtown, I stood in the universal post zhan zhuang posture for 40 minutes.  However, I have not been known to bust out the full taiji form in a random public place.

Props goes to Dr Tai Chi. “Seven hours in the Denver airport. What else are you gonna do?” Well, taiji of course! See the video below titled “Urban Tai Chi #7 – Denver Airport”:

URL: www.youtube.com/watch?v=syGasscRmh8

For more on Dr Tai Chi, check out his website or visit his YouTube Channel for more great videos.


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  1. doctordilday says:

    Great post and just common sense: I’ve also done tai chi in public: parking lots, airport terminals, airport parking lots, and last week in the court yard of the Resort I was staying in. I posted a photo and commented on it in my blog post last week – which is how I “automatically generated” found out about you!

    Dennis Dilday, D.C.
    Everett Chiropractic Center
    Everett, WA

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