Chen Zhonghua Edmonton Workshop Trailer

The video below is part 1 of a DVD series that covers the November 2009 weekend workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua on the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method:


Here are a couple of things I wanted to point out in video.

  • Throughout the video, you can see how “hands-on” Master Chen is with the students. This is rare to find.  Also note the various methods of teaching: demonstrations, discussions, lectures, diagrams, etc.  This is why I would highly recommend attending one of Master Chen’s workshops to anyone. In fact, he will be conducting a workshop in Wisconsin during the fall of 2010, so stay tuned!
  • At 1:40 into the video, Master Chen begins discussing the “Rule of Thirds” as noted in my previous post, Chen Zhonghua Workshop Notes Unfiltered Part 2
  • 2:46 – Note the detailed individual correction given to the student. Master Chen will often walk around and provide this level of instruction and correction with EACH student during the workshop
  • 4:37 – Master Chen is fond of using analogies and common day examples to teach student taiji principles.  This is a great example of bridging the gap between eastern and western paradigms for clear, concise knowledge transfer
  • 5:35 – the position of the elbow is of great importance. As Master Chen notes in the video, a lot of students don’t pull their elbow in enough. When the elbow is “IN”, the shoulder joint will be in the correct position
  • 6:36 – Master Chen describes the mystical nature often associated with taijiquan and then explains the practical method of how this is achieved.  In the video, the ability to “shift one’s body in space/dimension” is through the manipulation and rotation of the joints.  This creates the feeling of emptiness as your opponent will not be able to push on your center if you are constantly rotating about his contact point
  • 8:00 – demonstration of movement vs stretch
  • 8:52 – demonstration of stretching the kua
  • 9:25 – Not only does Master Chen give hands-on demonstrations, he actually allows the student to touch him so they can feel what is happening in Master Chen’s body. This is a very rare that a Master will allow this.

Overall, looks like a great workshop. It’s amazing that Master Chen is willing to make footage from a teaching workshop available to all. For more of the workshop material, be sure to check out part 2, part 3, and part 4 of the workshop trailers!


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4 Responses to Chen Zhonghua Edmonton Workshop Trailer

  1. PM Brazil says:

    Yes, it is amazing that Master Chen is willing to make this freely available to all. He is extremely generous in terms of sharing information, something that is rare among Taijiquan/Gongfu masters. I believe that he is a pioneer in this regard; sometimes traditional chinese martial arts must make adaptations to the modern world in order to excel if not to survive.

  2. Alwy says:

    I wonder if are there a way of getting one copy here in Brazil.

  3. wujimon says:

    Greetings, Alwy. I believe PM Brazil may be able to help you out. I will forward your information to him.

  4. PM Brazil says:

    Alwy, please send me an email at hunyuanbrasil AT yahoo DOT com DOT br. More information in portuguese at

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