Bracing AND Internal Strength

… at the school [Wujifaliangong] we talk about the difference between "brace" and "internal strength" a lot. Now, the brace idea is basically locking your body into the strongest possible linear structure in opposition to a force, whereas true internal strength has much more freedom and flexibility inherent in it. Brace is strong, but tends toward rigidity.

– Source: Why It’s Better Not to Know | Dan’s Wujifa

What are the differences between Bracing and Internal Strength? What are the commonalities? I had a glimpse of internal strength when I paid a visit to Rick of Wujifa a few months back.  We were on his deck and he stood up, got on one leg, lifted up one arm in a “ward off” posture and told me to push him. I used both hands and *really* pushed him. He did not budge and was able to ground my push pretty easily. I’ve seen this demonstration by other masters on YouTube, but very different when it’s done in person TO YOU.

What surprised me even more was during the push, Rick told me to touch his forearm and bicep. To my surprise, both muscles were relaxed!  I noticed that when I tried to do the same demonstration, with both feet on the ground, my bicep would often feel tense.  Connected. Relax. Not Limp


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One Response to Bracing AND Internal Strength

  1. Rick says:

    Bracing is a pretty easy trick to get. A 45 deg angle is really strong… Although it can also be a very bad habit if one hasn’t learned to freely move with the kua correct…. If people develop the habit of simply bracing then tends to hold people back from the deeper understandings of internal movement. Even when you see people in internal arts doing something like bracing it really isn’t… Although most people I’ve met have this habit of bracing as it seems like a short cut… It really isn’t. Thanks for sharing this and the clip from Dan blog. Rock-n-Roll!

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