Recalling Kinesthetic Memory in Training

So after this recent class, I went home and practiced and instead of doing what I had been doing for years, I completely changed my approach to practice. Now I quickly get into structure (see: Zhan Zhuang Alignment) and then recall the kinesthetic memory of that most intense zhan zhuang experience from two years ago.

— Source: Recalling the Kinesthetic Memory | Internal Gong Fu via @wujifa

I remember in my days of stance training in the Chen Village Taijiquan Style, my instructor would always try and tell me to “feel” the position instead of looking at what he was doing to me.  Additionally, when I looked down at my feet or my stance, I would often break the alignment he was trying to put me in.

For more on Mike’s experience in stance training, click through the link to read his whole post.


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