Taiji Exercise on Lose It! App

Like all folks, one of my goals for the upcoming year is to be healthier and fitter. I started with the P90X program in October of 2009 and I am proud to say that I am still sticking with it. After my first 30 days (phase 1) of the original program I decided to switch things and go to the Lean program as I wanted more weight loss.  I'm about 3 weeks into the Lean program and things are coming along great. Overall, I feel much healthier than I did before the P90X program.

While I do engage in the exercises, I have been a bit lacking in the diet/nutrition side of the program.  Enter the Lose It! app for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  I just started using this app today to assist in tracking my diet/exercise.  Check out the screenshots or just go straight to the app store and get it! I was pleasantly surprised to find "Tai Chi" (aka taiji) on their list of martial arts exercises!  Based on the app, taiji burns about 166 calories per 30 minutes or 333 calories per hour; whereas judo burns roughly 500 calories per 30 minutes! Lol..


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