Top 5 Wujimon Posts of 2009

Below are the Top 5 visited posts on the wujimon blog in 2009.

#5: Working the Dang

This post covers on of my first dabbles into the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method as taught by Master Chen Zhonghua.  With Master Chen scheduled to do another midwest workshop in Fall of 2010, I will definitely be revisiting this topic in the months to come.

#4: Chen Zhonghua Workshop Notes Unfiltered Part 1

I was so blown away by the workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua, resulting in me taking massive amounts of notes after each day of the workshop.   I tried to sit down and flesh everything out around my notes but realized it would take months to expand on the material. Rather than wait, I released by unfiltered notes.  I know I will be coming back to the notes in this series as I delve deeper in the Chen Practical Method.

#3: Chen Fake Silk Reeling Power Exercise

This was an impromptu post I put together by having my wife take a video of me doing the exercise with my mobile phone. Over time, I have learned that the whole body must be present in this exercise, not just the wrist and hands as I have shown in the video. The movement MUST originate from the feet, legs and kua.

#2: Chen Zhonghua Energy Alignment DVD

This DVD really blew my mind away on the amount of material that was being explained and shown.  Most of the instructional videos I have seen mostly focus on high level choreography alone.  This video stood out of the crowd and gave a glimpse of how deep the rabbit hole goes in the world of taijiquan.

#1: Zhan Zhuang – Stand Still and Be Fit

The popularity of this post surprised me quite a bit, but I guess it just means that more people are searching for material related to zhan zhuang. I remember the first time I heard about zhan zhuang very people people practiced it or heard of it.  For more information on zhan zhuang, I would highly recommend checking out the Wujifa Zhan Zhuang Alignment post.


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