Empty Your Cup

“Empty your cup so I can fill it with fresh tea” ~ Master Ip Tai Tak

I have heard this saying many many many many many times over the course of my study in taiji. Everywhere I go, each teacher is saying that the student must empty their cup. It sounds like such a simple thing to do, yet the simplest things can often be the most difficult.

Below is a video that I ran across where Robert Boyd talks about his discipleship with Master Ip Tai Tak of Hong Kong.

Some key take-away for me about this video are:

  • Take a video of yourself every three months doing the form/movement
  • Forget your previous way of moving and open yourself up to a new style of moving
  • Must be willing to empty your cup

I admit that even to this day, it is very difficult for me to empty my cup. Perhaps it’s my ego in not wanting to let go of my previous experience and training. Perhaps it’s my nature to compare data and systems. Perhaps due to these reasons, my progress will be hindered.

Some things to think about … or maybe I’m thinking too much


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4 Responses to Empty Your Cup

  1. RickMatz says:

    If you're setting about learning something from someone, it makes sense to me to do it their way. Emptying your cup, your ego letting go of what you “already know”; is a very hard thing to do. It may be the first test along the way which will determine if you'll accomplish anything.

  2. wujimon says:

    Hi Rick. I agree that it may be “the first test” along the way …

  3. S.Smith says:

    Yeah…emptying to someone who offers instruction is one thing, and a valuable thing.Emptying to the form itself, or to space in the room, or to body's inherent rhythms…hmmm…there a key in that, I think.

  4. wujimon says:

    Wow, great point about emptying oneself for the form and activity at hand.Be in the now! 😉

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