Withdraw is to Issue

Below is a great video by Master Chen Zhonghua covering the concept of "to withdraw is to issue". At a high level, when the body turns away from the opponent, the energy goes toward the opponent. Master Chen explains how this is possible by the creation of a pivot point along the central axis of the movement.


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3 Responses to Withdraw is to Issue

  1. Great lesson. Not only in terms of mechanics, but also focus and maintaining peng throughout motion.

  2. transit says:

    although he uses it throughout the video, he doesn't explicitly state that there is a third pivot point in the arm. his pivot points illustrate pitch and yaw (using analogous aviation terms) … clearly he has roll also, he just doesn't point out this third dimension.

  3. wujimon says:

    Hi Transit. I am assuming the “roll” could be analogous to “spiraling” in taiji terminology? If so, I would definitely agree! 😉

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