Chen Zhonghua Interacting With Students

The video above is taken from a workshop with Chen Zhonghua in Sept of 2009. The interesting thing to note about the video is how Master Chen will come around and interact with each student. Someone will ask a question and he will explain and demonstrate the explanation. He will then walk around the room letting other students feel the answer.  Master Chen is what I call a "hands-on" instructor, meaning that he will not only use the language of words, but also the language of touch to convey his message. This is a rare qualtiy and definitely something that must be experienced first hand in order to truly understand.


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2 Responses to Chen Zhonghua Interacting With Students

  1. Shang Lee says:

    Hey wujimon. how’s the training with him so far? did u get a chance to get a hands on like these students?

  2. wujimon says:

    Hi Shang. The last time I trained with Master Chen was at the workshop back in March 2009.

    As far as getting hands on, the answer is a definite YES! In fact, our group was composed of more “brawler” type guys so things were a bit rowdier with him telling us to try and “get” him anyway we want. Let’s just say I came home with some bruises and a new found respect for taiji as a martial art.

    It’s my understanding that Master Chen is like this at ALL of his workshops and gatherings. He really wants students to learn and is willing to let students feel the answer and his movements. In effect, he is removing the “veil” on a lot of taiji techniques. There were even times when Master Chen had me touch certain parts of his back/neck so I could feel the stretching as he did the movement on someone else.

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