Mind Training for Martial Artists Series

I have been following a great series on the Urban Samurai blog, here’s a little snippet:

I believe that training the mind is just as important as training the body, for were the mind goes the body follows, something many of us forget in our pursuit of physical mastery. It is almost impossible to achieve our full potential as martial artists unless we acknowledge the fact that the mind plays a significant role in our over all development. It is the key to all growth and without it we are merely puppets on a string, all physical movement and lacking in the depth and understanding that’s absolutely necessary to take us to the higher levels of mastery.

Mind Training for Martial Artists| Part 1: Introduction

Other topics in the series include: meditation, visualization, focus, NLP, etc.  Neil Martin, author of the Urban Samurai blog, is putting out some great content. While he does not write directly about taiji, a lot of his topics are important for all martial artists.


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