Floating Right Hip Update

I just wanted to extend a gracious hat tip to blog reader, Richard Johnson (aka twocircles). Richard is a disciple of Chen Zhonghua and is an instructor in the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.  Richard was kind enough to provide some feedback on the issue with my Floating Right Hip.

After a couple of email exchanges and answers to  some posed tests, Richard was able to identify the that muscles on the left side of the hip between the top of my hip bone and thigh bone are holding tension.  This tension pulls my hips to the right.  Richard is currently pursuing higher education in Exercise Science.

Richard proposed a couple of adductor type exercises (like the inner/outer thigh Jane Fonda exercises) to get things back in line. I have been doing the exercises for a couple of weeks and I can already feel and notice a difference!

One of the exercises I do is: Standing straight up and down, while keeping my left leg straight, I slowly raise it to the side. I do the same for the right leg. For a visual, check out the NetFit resistance band abductor muscle exercise, however note that I do mine without resistance. I will repeat the same type of exercise, but this time lying down.

I think I really need to get off my arse and not lead such a sedentary lifestyle! I basically sit down in front of a computer for 8 hours a day at work. Then I come home and have very minimal physical activity (vacuuming, mowing lawn, basic cleaning).  I am planning to check out the local wushu school for my 5 yr old son this weekend. Perhaps it might not be a bad idea to start doing my kicks, stretches and wushu basics again.  I used to have a pretty mean double slap crescent kick.  The key word is "used to"…


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