What is the wujimon Lifestream?

Over the weekend, a post titled Weekly Lifestream Digest for July 25th was posted to the wujimon blog. This post contained links to various twitter and tumblr entries.  But what exactly is a lifestream?

…a time-ordered stream of documents that functions as a diary of your electronic life

— Source: Lifestreaming – Wikipedia

For me, the purpose of posting my lifestream is to highlight some of the interesting activity I find throughout the web. The twitter posts either announce new wujimon blog posts or interactions with other people on twitter.

Tumblr is my own little “discovery engine” for blogging. When I run across an interesting blog post, picture, or video, I will post it to tumblr. Then, I will often come back to my tumblelog (wujimon tumbling) and expand on the content for a wujimon blog post.  For more on tumblr, check out Geek to Live: Instant, no-overhead blog with Tumblr

Alternatively, posting the weekly lifestream gives me a way to highlight other bloggers in the taiji blogosphere without writing a full post.  I am always on the search for new taiji bloggers and when I find one, I will subscribe to their site and follow them for a bit before adding them to my blogroll (list of other taiji blogs in my website sidebar).  I like to think of my lifestream as my own little “link blog”.

So, what can you expect to find in the wujimon weekly lifestream digest?  Taiji and/or martial arts related content deemed interesting by yours truly, wujimon ;)  If you want to see my lifestream “as it happens”, check out the wujimon lifestream page, otherwise you can just wait for the weekly digest summary.

For more information on lifestreaming, check out the Lifestreaming presentation by Erin Blaskie at WordCamp Montreal.  If you would like to create your own lifestream, read the Lifestream Blog Create Page.  On the wujimon blog, I use the wordpress Lifestream plugin by David Cramer.  Alternatively, you could just create a FriendFeed account (wujimon on friendfeed) and add a FriendFeed widget to your blog. 

Any questions? 😉


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