Chen Xiaowang on Teaching

… There are three languages for teaching Chen taiji. First is speaking. We discuss the principles. Second is body language – demonstrating how to use the body frame. And third is hand-to-hand. First we speak, then we communicate through body language and then, hand-to-hand.

Chen Xiaowang, Kungfu Magazine: It Takes a Village: The Taiji Economy of Chenjiagou [via]


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2 Responses to Chen Xiaowang on Teaching

  1. Bookmarked the article! It’s good to know that even people like Chen Xiaowang keep making progress even after training after so many years.

    Taiji practise will never get boring if that’s the case..

  2. Mike Ferruggia says:

    The hands on is so important, particularly when we get to push hands because I intuitively believe it’s at that time, when the teacher really touches the student and enters into the circle with him, that there is an actual transmission of knowledge. I’m speaking on a mystical plane here, because it might just be that we learn when we are pushed and pulled by a master and we in turn learn how to move. Or there could actually be a transmission of knowledge mystically, energetically. Without explanation, I think it definitely happens.

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