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•In Practical Method there is no warm-up. If you want to practice taiji you don’t have to do anything else, just do taiji. Similarly Master Chen answers someone’s question about workout – push-ups, weight lifting etc. Of course you can do that but it won’t help you in taiji.

•Every distance between the joints – i.e. foot-kua, kua-shoulder, shoulder-shoulder, shoulder-elbow etc. – should be the same – naturally it is not therefore you have to stretch these distances not stretching exercise but stretch within the moves

•There is always line or stick. Imaginary stick – from the feet to the hand

Source: Prague Seminar Notes by Matej Velicky

Above is a snippet from Chen Zhonghua’s new blog on seminars and workshops.   I am still amazed by the amount of material that is posted on the internet by Chen Zhonghua (CZH).   He really takes the notion of spreading his master’s teachings to a whole new level in terms of written and video material posted online.  Master Chen has even posted a video of Basic Staff Shaking (aka pole shaking) from a private lesson with one of his student.

Check it out for yourself and enjoy! Most importantly, practice, practice, practice!


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  1. Rick Matz says:

    Thanks for the link! Great stuff.

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