The Softer Side of Chen Zhonghua

This is one of Master Chen Zhonghua’s rare relaxed demonstrations of Yilu. In most cases, he would demonstrate only one particular aspect of the form (such as how the joints move) that make him appear to be choppy and stiff. This video was the result of a demonstration for his long time workshop students in the Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada area [taken on March 29, 2009] [via Chen Zhonghua Yilu Soft Demonstration]


This is quite a rarity as I have never seen Master Chen demonstrate the Yilu in such a relaxed manner. This reminds me of something he said at the Milwaukee workshop.  One morning, Master Chen was demonstrating the positive circle for the class.  Afterwards, he went around the room and asked each student what he saw in the demonstration. A lot of students commented about the movement in the feet, others commented about the stretching of the body and joints.  Master Chen responded that regardless of what we saw, it’s all the same. The principles and movements are all the same, at times, he just chooses to emphasize different characteristics of the form.

I must admit that I am a fan of the “relaxed demonstration of Yilu” as for me, taiji is about relaxation and mental clarity.  There is a time and a place for fajing or an emphasis on stepping methods. Ultimately, my definition of taiji is something along the lines of moving meditation.


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