Chen Xiaoxing Workshop – Chicago – April 2009


Chen Xiaoxing seminar – University of Chicago

Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing will teach a 2.5 day seminar in Chicago on April 17th, 18th and 19th. Master Chen is a 19th generation Chen family direct lineage descendent and representative. He is the Grandson of the famous Chen Fake, nephew of Chen Zhaopei and Chen Zhaokui and brother of Chen Xiaowang. He is the Principal of Chenjiagou (Chen Village) Taijiquan School in Henan, China and has trained such notable masters as Ren Guangyi, Chen Bing, Chen Ziqiang and Chen Zijun.

Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing will teach and correct Chan Si Gong (“Silk-reeling exercises”) on Friday evening. On Saturday and Sunday he will teach and correct Laojia Yilu.

Friday – 6pm until 9pm
Chan si gong instruction and correction

Saturday and Sunday – 9am until 5pm
movement principals and posture corrections in Laojia Yilu

University of Chicago
Ida Noyes Hall Dance room*
1212 East 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

  • No street shoes allowed in the dance room. Please be prepared to practice bare foot or bring new white soled tennis shoes.

For more information, contact Andy Loria:
aloria AT uchicago DOT edu

Below is a clip of Chen Xiaoxing demonstrating the Xinjia Yilu routine:


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2 Responses to Chen Xiaoxing Workshop – Chicago – April 2009

  1. Tiajirich says:

    I purchased the DVD of your clip in Chenjiagou in 1999 and have used it for a reference since. You are very fortunate to have him, as far as I am aware, he does not come to the UK.

  2. wujimon says:

    The midwest is fortunate as we get a lot of chen taiji masters that stroll through. Too bad the stars were not in alignment and I was unable to attend the Chen Xiaoxing seminar, however I did have a great time and learned a lot attending the Chen Zhonghua seminar in Milwaukee a couple of weeks prior.

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