Liuhebafa Demonstration

Below is clip of Paul Abdella performing movements of the Liuhebafa (Liu Ho Pa Fa), also known as the Six Harmonies and Eight Methods system.  Paul is a disciple of TT Liang and a student of Wai Lun Choi.  I have fond memories of studying the 12 animals of Liuhebafa with Paul.

Paul would teach students the choreography to one of the 12 animals.  Afterwards, we would break up into pairs and work on the martial applications of the animal form.  One of my favorites is the leopard animal form (the third animal form demonstrated in the clip). The qinna application in this movement is deadly, and the xingyi-like spring step was fun to train.


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One Response to Liuhebafa Demonstration

  1. dr. k.conor says:

    The demonstration of ‘mother-son’ as it is usually called by Msr.Choi’s students,
    appears to be the Lu-Hong-Ba-Shi: LuHong-8-links as it is called in FoShan and HK.

    The animals demonstration does have the ‘animal’ influences.

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