“Yang disease” on Formosa Neijia

One thing I have always tried to be cognizant about is my posture. I know that being a knowledge IT worker sitting at a computer all day, I am prone to have very bad posture.  I’ve seen many IT folk walk around hunched over, have bad wrists, neck strains, you name it.

To try and correct postural issues, I have not only engaged in some “light” Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutation, but have also really emphasized the whole lifting the head to lengthen the spine thing within my zhan zhuang training and also taiji training. For the longest time, I felt the things I did in zhan zhuang didn’t fully carry over to my taiji training, it was like I forgot what I learned in zhan zhuang or something.

Anyhoo, just more things to consider as we tread along this path called taijiquan 😉 Hat tips to Dave and Ken for bringing this issue further to light.

Dr. Fish opened my mind to many things. The first thing he showed me was that I suffer from “Yang style disease.” Basically my upper body posture is rounded forward in the shoulders preventing me from opening the chest. The way you correct it is to first stand with your heels against the wall, push the back of your head against the wall, and take some of the lumbar curve out of your back.

via Dr. Ken Fish on posture, kua, and “Yang disease” :: Formosa Neijia.


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