Eddie Wu Identifying 9 Joint Body

Below is a nice video of Eddie Wu outlining the 9 joints of the body and their various usages within taiji. I was exposed to the “9 joint harmony” under the teachings of Wai Lun Choi, and the identifications are the same.

Arm: Shoulder, elbow, wrist

Back: Neck, Mid-back, Sacrum

Leg: Hip, Knee, Ankle

What I really like about Eddie Wu’s explanation is noting the difference in movement between the waist and the hips (kua). What’s the deal with the 9-Joint harmony? Well, as a teaser, try to think about this when doing the form and it’s relation to the 6 harmonies (wrist – ankle, elbow – knee, hip – shoulder)…


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5 Responses to Eddie Wu Identifying 9 Joint Body

  1. Rick Matz says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for posting.

  2. puredoxyk says:

    Yes, all kinds of awesome there…it’s always interesting to see the parts of the forms broken down by someone who really knows them. Thanks!

  3. taijiquestion says:

    Primo video clip. I like his style. Really gets to the point; focussed on fundamentals & basics; “martial art” all the way but you can see the healthy aspect underlying everything. What a cool class.

    Good point about kua & waist, I was reminded of what CZH explained in this regard. Draw a line through the two hip sockets. If that line doesn’t move, the kua hasn’t moved. Being in aware control of that line and its movements is major.

  4. Nice video. Thanks for posting.

  5. Vale Taiji says:

    It’s really useful to see somebody physically demonstrating the difference between turning at the waist and turning at the hip. This is an aspect of Taiji I can’t get enough of at the moment – and I’m sure there are loads of people out there saying ‘turn at the waist’ when they are really talking about the hip.

    Once the difference between waist and hip has been established, the next step is working out how to actually perform the turn – pushing with the feet as necessary, orchestrating the knees and kua, and so on. This is the stuff I’m currently trying to get to grips with at the moment.

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