Preparing for Chen Zhonghua

In general, I like to try and attend a taiji workshop at least once a year. In addition of being exposed to new material and receiving corrections, workshops provide me with a short term goal that I can work towards.  For example, months before the Fong Ha workshop, I modified my training to emphasize a lot of standing meditation.  When I attended the Chen Xiaowang seminar, I heavily focused on silk reeling exercises, etc.

I just got news of an upcoming workshop hosted by Chen Zhonghua in my area.  It has been a *LONG* time since I have worked on any Chen taiji related material, but this is an opportunity that I can’t pass up. For a while, I thought about jumping over the the Chen Taiji Practical Method , but never made the jump as I have not received any formal instruction in the material.  Sure, I have done Chen before, but the Hong Junsheng method as taught by Chen Zhonghua is a whole new ball of wax in terms of taiji principles and concepts.

One of the main draws to the Chen Practical Method, is it’s practicality. The method is all about making things work and making applications effective. Practicality is the emphasis from day 1.  I have dabbled a bit with the applications of the Hong Method using 6 Sealings 4 Closings, can I can say that it does work.  The feedback loop in this method is nutty in that you can feel/test right away what works and what does not and learn why.

I am very excited and pumped up about the workshop and will definitley kick my training into high gear.  Since I already have a rough idea of what the workshop will cover, I will use videos and other related materials to learn the gross movements in hopes of having corrections on the detailed aspects.  I believe gross movements can/should be practiced at home so when times comes for hands-on corrections (or getting tossed to the ground), the emphasis can be put on higher level aspects.

One exercise I have already began working on is the idea of only moving the knees up and down, not side to side. This is easier said than done.


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4 Responses to Preparing for Chen Zhonghua

  1. Jeff Higgins says:

    Let me know what you think about the workshop. I will be attending one of his seminars next month as well. I’m excited but I’m also a little concerned because I’m studying Chen with another teacher. I don’t know if I can keep the two versions of Yi Lu straight in my mind. Should be interesting.

  2. wujimon says:

    Hi Jeff. I will definitely provide some feedback after the workshop like I have done for previous workshops I have attended. Do note, the Chen Style as taught by Hong Junsheng is *VERY* different than most other chen styles out there and will be quite difficult to keep two versions straight. For me, I basically have stopped practicing my other chen so I can focus on the the Hong Method. One of the main differences is the idea of no weight shifting.. which is foundation to most other taiji methods.

  3. Adam D says:

    Hi Wujimon. I’ve really been enjoying your Taiji blogs.

    I too will be attending Chen Zhonghua’s workshop in Milwaukee in March and like you, am very excited about it.

    I’m coming in from a very different perspective as I’m essentially a taiji noob, having only been involved for a few months, and in a different style (Wu). I’m really looking forward to expanding my taiji horizons, so to speak, in this workshop. It is interesting contrasting my expectations for the workshop (very vague, fundamental) with the postings about yours, which are much more focused, detailed, and coming from a measure of experience in the topic.

    Perhaps we’ll meet at the workshop. I’ll likely be the one with the high stance/postures, making a strong effort but looking like a fish out of water. πŸ™‚

  4. wujimon says:

    Hi Adam.

    No worries about being a noob, as we were all there at one point in time. Like you, I’m a noob in the chen practical method and feel like a noob in other methods as well πŸ˜‰

    I believe Hong Junsheng studied Wu style before coming to Chen, so your background may be beneficial as I am sure it was part of the equation in Hong’s understanding of martial arts.

    I am sure we will meet at the workshop and like you, I’ll be another fish out of the water as it’s not my main forte. We can be fish together πŸ˜‰

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