Monkey Mind Side Track

Last night, the ‘monkey mind’ side tracked me more than a couple of times. I had to consciously tell myself to just relax and let the thoughts go. "Listen behind" and focus on the breath. Additionally, I noticed my breathing a bit more shallow than usual. Perhaps it’s true that missing one day is like taking 3 steps back.  In my case, I missed my meditation session on Fri and Sat.  It’s really hard for me to maintain the schedule on the weekends, especially when my wife and I will usually watch a movie and/or do go out for our date nights.

Roughly 25 mins into the standing meditation, I have been noticing my thighs getting sore.  Most likely because I am still using my thigh muscles to some extent.  Also, the outer should muscles have been straining too. I am usually in the ‘stand in the river’ posture and instead of doing 25 breath counts, I cut it down to 10 breath counts and then went back to wuji and made up the difference.


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