Burpee Workout

Last night, the weather was a bit bad so I decided to stay home and find some alterative workouts.  I decided to give a modified version of the ‘burpee‘ a try.Basically, instead of jumping at the end of the burpee, I did a calf raise instead.  One thing I noticed right away is that while I could easily go for 20 mins on an elliptical machine in the gym, I was pretty torn up after about 30 seconds of burpee action!

I had spoken to my buddy about this and he did not find it strange at all since the burpee involved a lot more muscle groups working together resulting in a more intense experience. I have to agree with him as I was engaging all parts of my body in maintaining good posture and form throughout the burpee exercise. To mix things up a bit, I intermingled burpees with a wushu kick punch drill I used to do. Basically, this is like doing squats but during the rise, one foot kicks while the opposite hand punches and ends with going back down into a squat. Repeat, but switch sides.  My instructor used to have us do 100 of these things during our training session that we could split up into whatever segments we wished.  Last night, I did them in segments of 25.

Reaching back even more into my wushu training, when I wanted to rest or take a breather, I would do a wall-sit. This is basically leaning against the wall and pretending like you’re sitting in a chair, quite the leg workout if you’re not used to it. This was how we rested back in wushu days.  If you wanted to drink water, wall sit, if you wanted to take a breather, wall sit.  If you’re not moving, you’re wall sitting.

I actually pulled quite a bit of exercises from my wushu training days and have incorporated them into a small cross-training interval timed training regime. It’s was actually very fun and the idea of moving from one exercise to the next with little to no rest in between was very challenging.  I am actually planning on not continuing the gym subscription come this April, so hopefully I will have some exercises to fill the gap.


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