iSerenity for Relaxation and Solitude

Do you ever get that feeling that you need a little help in relaxing? I was feeling like I needed a bit of assistance last night and I didn’t want to put on any music.  So, I opted for a bit of white noise and tuned my computer to iSerenity: ambient sound environments at your desktop for relaxation and solitude.  I would recommend checking out the ‘rain’ environment as that is what I used last night.


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One Response to iSerenity for Relaxation and Solitude

  1. Rick Matz says:

    The ambient sound is pretty cool. Thanks for the link.

    I find that when I’m having trouble relaxing, I need to slow down, mentally. If I can get that monkey in my brain to settle down and not bash those cymbals together quite so much, then I can start relaxing.

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