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Just noting an interesting change in my own training regime. Basically, I now do VERY little form work, if anything, I might do the first section of the Yang long form, but other than that, I may train the first 5 movements of the form (up to single whip) and repeat, repeat.

However, most of my training has been focused on meditation and I have been doing a LOT more standing and sitting meditation. I never really did much sitting meditation in the past, but over time, I am starting to enjoy it. While I don’t do the whole lotus posture thing, I am quite content at sitting on the edge of my chair and sitting for a while before I proceed to standing postures. This is a nice happy medium as my hips and ankles are not very flexible to where I could hold the posture for more than say 5 minutes.

But one of the major changes in my overall training is hitting the local gym. So far, I have been hitting the gym 2-3 times a week.  While there, I usually do roughly 30 minutes of cardio work (elliptical and most recently a bit of treadmill) and then I lift weights. Yes, I lift weights.

Does lifting weights conflict with being an internal martial artist? I don’t think so, even if it does, I don’t really mind nor care as it makes me feel healthier.  I don’t consider myself a serious iron pumper, as I mostly do the nautical machine stuff and focus on tone, that is at least 10-12 reps of whatever weight I am working on as opposed to a grueling 4-5 repetitions.  Additionally, right now I only do 2 sets of each exercise.

With the change in my training and diet (cut out soda and snacking as much as possible, though I did slide a bit over the holiday), I have lost about 15 lbs from my heaviest weight last year. That’s pretty good and I would like to lose at least 15 more pounds.

Also, one of my other fitness goals is to be able to easily lift my own body weight. This means, more push ups, more pull ups and other type of exercises with my own body as the resistance. I think it’s quite shameful that I can’t do more than a couple of pull-ups, what if I was hanging on the edge of a cliff somewhere grasping on to dear life by 3 fingers. Would I be able to save myself? Probably not … but then again, the situation is highly unlikely in my lifestyle of modern comforts.  In fact, a couple of months back while doing a U-turn in a parking lot, I went a bit into the grass just so I could say I have been “off-road” in my SUV… yeah, I know…

Anyhoo, I have been looking more into exercises that involve the stability ball and dumb bells. Also, I have been thinking about picking up some kettle bells to tinker with, especially after the hat tip from Dave of Formosa Neijia regarding metcon/crossfit.  Currently, I am playing around with some exercises that start from the plank position, and yes, looks can be deceiving.


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taiji, meditation and health
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3 Responses to Taiji, Meditation, Health and Fitness

  1. Rick Matz says:

    When it’s warm out, I’m content to get my fitness training through doing yardwork outside. As it cools off and I spend more time inside, I tend to walk the treadmill (my ankles began punishing me long ago for running) and lifting weights.

    Taijiquan is the first priority, the treadmill is the second, then finally weights.

    I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and it’s been working really well for me.

  2. taijiquestion says:

    After a ten-year-so-hiatus or so, I joined a local health club about 18 months ago. Planet Fitness only charges $10 a month, and it’s a good facility! My wife said that’s too good to pass up, better join up, Gramps.

    In the years preceding, I slowly mastered the art of dedicated at-home fitness. But I was starting to slack off, I must admit.

    What with my job being rather physical and also the fact that I look a little more like Yip Man than Wang Hai-jun, I need some kind of bodywork exercise and have never stopped altogether, since I got out of High School.

    I figure that bodybuilding and neijia pursuits are at cross-purposes, so I try to walk the middle ground. Just as I no longer care if I can ever do a full split, I no longer care if I ever finally get up to 170 lbs. (on a 6’1″ frame).

    Man or woman, young or old, it’s not good to be a weakling. So what can ya do? Keep looking into the “bodyweight” exercise is my advice… it’s the most “internal” of external pursuits. Feel free to loan me a few pounds anytime, I always tell my heavyset friends! 🙂

  3. johncrewdson says:

    Congratulations on loosing 15 lbs. That’s great.

    When I workout I do pretty much light weights. I would like to be doing more long pole work for grounding and to keep working on turning my waist.

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