Dream of MMA Submission

I just woke up remembering a dream that I attended a mixed martial arts workshop with Randy Couture. I had ended up sparring twice, once against another attendee that I submitted quite easily. Then I volunteered to spar against the man himself and came in fast with a double leg take down and then quickly scrambled to initiate a bare naked rear choke to submit him.

After the submission, he lay on the mat for a bit and I helped him up and bowed to him stating that I appreciate the opportunity and not to worry as in the game of mixed martial arts, anyone can be tapped out, that’s just the nature of submissions. He smiled and commented on my quickness and speed.

After the workshop, I was heading to my car, and I ended up walking through Disney World. I recall seeing the train and a couple of people walking behind me eating cotton candy smiling at me.



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2 Responses to Dream of MMA Submission

  1. Dreams are can be so interesting. It’s always a mystery to me that anyone says they can interpret them accurately with a simple formula. Sounded like a fun dream too.


  2. wujimon says:

    Hey John. The dream was fun and I woke up feeling happy, so all is good. I don’t take it to mean that I want to secretly do MMA or anything like that, just a fun dream in which I also had a chance to visit disney world 🙂

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