My Other Hobby – Aquariums

Just wanted to take a brief detour and share with the readers of wujimon another hobby of mine, that is aquariums and fish tanks. More specifically, I enjoy keeping and maintaining freshwater planted fish tanks.

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to have any cats/dogs/gerbils due the my parent’s allergies, but they did allow me to have aquarium fish. My first fish tank was given to me when I was 10yrs old by my cousin and it was a 20g angelfish/silver dollar tank.

Over the following 20 yrs, I have kept many types of aquariums ranging from a south east asian tiger barb themed tank to an african cichlid tank to a saltwater coral reef tank. I have finally settled on keeping freshwater planted tanks as cost and maintenance requirements of the tank fit well with my current lifestyle.

The link to a flickr photo set shows a photo of my saltwater coral reef tank that I had in college and then shows the progression of my 37g freshwater planted tank and finally shows the beginnings of my 20g long freshwater office tank. Enjoy 🙂

Flickr Aquarium Photo Set

YouTube Videos

What other hobbies are folks involved with?


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