Counting Breaths and Complimentary Practices

I received a comment with some nice insights from CS regarding ‘Counting Breaths’:

… I advise beginners to practice at Level 1 by feeling the slight coolness inside the nose during the in-breaths and counting only during the out-breaths. This helps hold the mind on breath and also on a concrete easily sensed body sensation. Level 2 is focusing on body sensations and breath sensation. Level 3 is formal sitting meditation.

Source: Comment on Counting Breaths in Zhan Zhuang

In my own practice, I had focused on the tip of my nose during the inhale but never thought about the ‘cool sensation inside the nose’. I did a couple of breaths using this and I could really feel the sensation. Nutty!

As I was reading further on some tips and tricks of Counting Breaths, I realized that I already do the ‘count one, one, one until the end of the exhale’. I had been doing this so my counting does not get sidetracked, however initially I thought it was ‘not the way’.

Anyhoo, for more tips on the practice, I would highly suggest you check out the Counting Breaths – the way of life.  Be sure to check out the Counting Breaths section as it contains links PDFs of tips as well as the complete booklet titled Counting Breaths and Complimentary Practices (65 pages!).  Major hat tip to C.S Rao for sharing his tips on the Counting Breaths practice!


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