Tidbits – 12/1/08

I went to the gym yesterday afternoon and boy and I feeling great, though a bit sore. It has been close to 2 weeks since I have been to the gym with my main excuse as recovery from my bronchitis. So, I took it slow with an easy-going pace yesterday.

The workout started off with roughly 20 minutes of elliptical cardio work.  Luckily for me, I always have an iPod loaded with audio books or I would probably get bored out of my mind.  After the cardio, I did my rounds of weight lifting. I keep things like and don’t exert myself too much. My goal is for general fitness, so I yesterday I did 2 sets of 10-12 reps on each machine.

After the weights, I went into this room in the corner and did some ab crunches on the balance ball. I am quite fond of working out on the balance balls as they require you to engage your core muscles for stability. This room had some balance boards that you could stand on and do other strength resistance exercises, but I was not that adventurous.

So far, I have lost roughly 7% of my body weight and I am roughly half way to my goal of losing 15%. Yeah!


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3 Responses to Tidbits – 12/1/08

  1. chessman71 says:

    Are you being called a heretic yet by the IMA crowd? Don’t let people know you’re doing “evil” Western exercise.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Feels good doesn’t it? And looking better in the mirror is nice too, isn’t it?

    Keep up the good work. When you get bored with the ellipitical machine (zzzzzzzzz…..) then try some of the metcon work I’ve been talking about on my blog. You mix the bodyweight exercises with cardio and get great results in a short amount of time. Perfect for busy dads!

  2. wujimon says:

    Hey Dave. No emails of heresy yet, but I am not anticipating any either 😉 And yes, it does feel good to lose weight, I just have a feeling of overall better health. I’ll be sure to check out the metcon material as the elliptical kinds sucks, but it does it’s job for now. There’s a room with a ton of medicine balls and rubber cords, so I’m assuming I could integrate some metcon action there 😉

  3. chessman71 says:

    I started my weight loss with steady cardio like that too. Problem was, as i got further into it and got into a bit better shape, I went harder and faster to burn more calories. It seemed great. But the harder I went and more calories I burned, the hungrier i got when I got off the bike. I was burning about 800 calories an hour on the bike. When I got off, I would get an intense craving for everything in sight about 30 minutes later. That’s when I started looking at the metcon conditioning, which blends strength and endurance training.

    The trick is that the strength training component of metcon builds muscle and spreads your calorie burning out over 24-48 hours so you don’t get the intense cravings that extreme calorie endurance burns can bring.

    I also found that high rep bodyweight exercises are good for my joints and I enjoyed the workout more.

    Good luck with the workouts. Keep us posted.

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