Taiji Tidbits – 11/24/08

Last night’s standing session was kicking it old school, that is, went back to the bedroom and no usage of music. Four postures were held for 25 breaths each. This time, I went ‘round circle’ by starting and stopping the standing session with the wuji posture (hand at sides). 

A lot of great comments and materials from folks contributing to the Cognitive Dissonance on Root post.  Thanks for sharing! I put ZMS’s comment to use last night by trying to imagine someone/something pushing back on me during standing. I have encountered this idea before in the concept of dynamic tension in Chen style taiji, that is, in any posture, imagine forces coming from BOTH the front and behind.  I have even encountered this and trained it a bit in Yang style, but for some reason I never thought to apply it to zhan zhuang standing meditation!

The mental exercise of someone pushing back in zhan zhuang actually helped in relaxing the foot a bit. While not fully relaxed, I could feel some of the tension that is usually in the foot subside.  Also, I am noticing a bit more that my calves are still tense. From the stories I’ve heard, this is supposed to be one of the hardest things to relax.  I guess I’ve got my work cut out for me!


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