Taiji Tidbits – 11/19/08

Last night’s taiji regime basically consisted of standing zhan zhuang meditation. I remember a comment from a taiji buddy of mine where he pretty much said that he will ‘play’ after he stands. In other words, he referred to the form as ‘play’ and made the basis of his training standing meditation.  I seem to be doing a similar thing, but I am not quite sure if it’s out of laziness or not.. 😉

The standing consisted of 3 postures held for 25 breaths each. My breathing seems to have gotten more shallow than before. Most likely due to some of the bronchitis I have been experiencing.  No real major tension however I did note my balance wavering a bit.  It felt like my balance was easily shifted around to the front/back of my foot. I eventually settled on placing the weight at the bubbling well point and then slowly trying to disperse it across the whole foot.  I also did a bit of work on the inner smile.  Sometimes I forget.

This morning I was greeted with some sharp nerve like pains in my right knee when I went outside to warm the car. Again, most likely due to the weather.


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