Taiji Tidbits – 11/18/08

This whole ‘tidbits’ thing is kind of fun and a nice way for me to kind of document and track what I am doing.  Anyhoo, last night was kind of a rough night packed with a tight schedule.  I wanted to catch up on my episode of HBO’s True Blood but at the same time I wanted to be more ‘productive’.  So, I decided to do my zhan zhuang while watching the episode.

Is doing zhan zhuang during a TV program cheating? Maybe, but I did it anyways. In fact, back in the day, this is exactly how I started out doing zhan zhuang. I would do standing, stance work, push-ups, sit-ups, you name it, during TV programs.  While not ideal, I believe I was still able to benefit from the physical aspect of zhan zhuang.  In fact, after about 20 min into the session, I began feeling quite a bit of soreness at the outer upper thigh region.  The funny thing was touching my thigh, it was not hard, but felt soft to the touch, yet the pain was there. I worked on trying to melt the pain, but after no such luck, I decided to sit down on the edge of the chair and sit.

This morning after waking up, I noticed some pain in my left knee. Maybe the blanket was too heavy causing some torque in my knee?  Who knows, but I decided to switch shoes and put on some newer shoes as my older pair of Ecco Shoes are due for the trash. They have a slight split in the sole and the orthopedic foot pad may also need an update.  Luckily my newer pair of Ecco shoes has pretty decent arch support. I’ll see if changing shoes makes a big difference.


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