Tidbits – 11/17/08

Last night, I upped the breath count to 25 per posture instead of 15. The transition was pretty smooth and didn’t notice any troubles maintaining my awareness for the additional 10 breaths. I did notice some extra tension on the outer edges of my shoulder in addition to some tension in the upper-most thigh region.  I just worked on the melting imagery more and eventually the tension went away.

After completing the 3 zhan zhuang postures, I did some basic training exercises. I basically did some straight line drills of the following postures: Part Wild Horse’s Mane, Repulse Monkey, Ward Off, Cloud Hands. After the drills, I went directly into the first section of the Yang long form.  Overall, it was a good session and definitely something I will incorporate into future sessions.

Also, I potentially found a new training spot after clearing up some room in the basement. My son’s play area is down there, but there’s now some more room were I could definitely ‘do the form in the space of a cow sleeping’ type of training 😉

This morning while taking the little guy to daycare, I felt some nerve tingle in my left knee and then on the way to the car, I felt another slight tingle in my left shoulder.  It must be the change in weather as the temperature dropped about 20 degrees F or so overnight. On the other hand, just got some antibiotics and working through a spout of bronchitis and potentially some whooping cough (most likely from son’s daycare).  I’ve been sick for the last like 3-4 weeks and it’s not very fun.

On a far side note, I wish wordpress would allow the posting of an entry WITHOUT a title. Like define some random number or whatever if there isn’t a title. I guess I could do that myself, but I’d rather not.


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