Taiji Tidbits – 11/13/08

While waiting at the printer, I caught myself going through a couple repetitions of ‘part wild horse’s main’. Most people in my work area are used to me busting out some taiji stepping or movement practice from time to time, so it’s not that strange. In fact, one of my coworkers will stand outside his cube and practice his golf swing with an imaginary club!

After dinner, I began going through some beginning sequences of forms. I started off doing the first couple movements of Chen style, really sitting into the stances and then changed and did some Yang work.  When I ‘bust it out’ I like to do the ‘hotel style taiji’ which is basically the first 5 or so movements of the long form, either up to single whip or white crane. I like the feeling I get and can easily practice some movement and intention work in a very short amount of time and limited space.

While my wife and son were watching some TV, I did some a bit of the Liuhebafa (LHBF) raise hands and dragon form. I really like working on some of the LHBF material because it really emphasizes the open/close of the body, especially the 3 joints of the back.  By doing the moves slowly with emphasis on open/close, you can really feel the qi pumping.  I remember mentioning this to a LHBF buddy back in the day and he was like ‘Of course! The opening and closing of the lower back acts sort of like a qi pump and it can really get the energy flowing’. Duh!?!??

Right before bed, I did a session of zhan zhuang. To work things back up, I held 3 postures for 15 breaths each.  During the wuji posture, I would feel a couple of fingers on my right hand starting to twitch a bit. I felt a slight tingling in the upper right shoulder.  I guess this is a sign that I need to work on relaxing the right side of my body more 😉

To finish things off, I did the first part of the Yang long form up until white crane. This felt very smooth and calming and did not take much effort at all. It was a really nice way to finish the evening and I felt quite calm. Feeling the energy in my hands, I rubbed my palms together for a bit before massaging my calves, knees, thighs, arms, shoulder, etc. I then rubbed the outer edges of my eyes a bit and then clamped the palms of my hands over my ears to create a slight suction, after which I used my fingers to gently tap the back of my head, causing slight vibrations in my ear. I was ready for bed 😉


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One Response to Taiji Tidbits – 11/13/08

  1. Rick Matz says:

    I practice the supplementary exercises of the Wu style of taijiquan in odd moments like this.

    If we wait until conditions are perfect and we can get through our ideal training sequence, we’ll usually find ourselves waiting for a long time, getting very little actually done. We have to be vigilant for opportunities to train. Make the best of the time you have!

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