Dragging Feet

I recently began noticing that I have a tendency to drag my feet during taiji zhan zhuang! The weird thing is that it’s a non-issue during regular form practice. What is the difference in my training? Well, with taiji zhan zhuang I hold the end of each posture for about 5 breaths. I then notice during transitions I may drag my toe or the edge of my heel. Additionally, it commonly happens only with my right foot.

My thoughts are

  1. My stance is too low, raise my stance up
  2. My stance is too long, shorten the stance

Because of #1 and #2 above, I am not fully differentiating between full and empty. Add to that, I am just being a bit lazy.  During taiji zhan zhuang, it is quite easy to get lazy and let the mind wander. As such, my intention breaks when it’s time to move again.

On a side note, for an interesting read on taiji zhan zhuang, check out an article titled “Tai Chi Tools and Time” (main articles link) by Paul Abdella of the Twin Cities Tai Chi Chuan Studio.  This is the school where I first got introduced to and started practicing taiji zhan zhuang.


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